Thursday, 10 January 2013

Marketing Jargon Buster

Notorious for their in-terms, marketing execs need a good de-jargoning. Let me do the honours.

Add your own bits of jargon-busting down below in the comments section - the more confusing terms we can all demystify together, the better life in business will be.

The Daily Babble -

Concept: idea

Ideation: coming up with ideas

Brain dump: the act of throwing down all thoughts and ideas very quickly with no rationalisation or quantification - usually takes place within a brainstorm

Leverage: a hybrid of influence and effectiveness, as in: "The brand has great leverage with teenagers"

Activation: simply put, bringing to life a marketing programme - the plan is 'activated' once it's been created

Execution: how well a campaign was carried out, as in: "Have you seen their new ad? Interesting concept, abysmal execution"

Pesterpower: the harnessing of children's ability to annoy their parents into making a purchase or carry out a desired action

Positioning: Perhaps best explained with examples: BMW is "the ultimate driving machine"; whereas Volvo is known as the car for people who are safety-minded. These are two very different positioning.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization  : So-called "on-site" search engine optimization is the process of writing and coding a Web site so that it will appear – especially, place well – in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific terms, or "keywords phrases." SEO is also used to refer to "off-page optimization," which is the process of building incoming links to a Web site, however that is really part of Internet marketing and social media marketing rather than SEO.

Below the line (BTL): advertising that encourages the consumer to respond somehow (getting into a dialogue with them) - getting them to click a link or post something back or make a call, for example - such as much direct mail, Internet ads that want consumers to click on them

Above the line (ATL): advertising that delivers brand messages to the consumer that doesn't aim to start a dialogue with the consumer and is not interactive - such as billboards, TV, radio and a lot of print ads

Through the line (TTL): a mix of above the line and below the line advertising

Integrated: a mixture of all or many different types of advertising for one campaign

Experiential: a type of marketing that creates an experience (such as an event, ) that the customer takes part in, with the purpose of creating a stronger emotional connection with a brand

Generation X: the teenagers and people connected to music, pop and social movements between the mid 80s and mid 90s, typically born between the mid 60s and mid 70s

Generation Y: the generation dependent on digital technology, typically born in the early 80s onwards and coming of age between the mid 90s to mid 00s

Generation Z: today's kids, born from around 1995 onwards

MTV Generation: somewhere between Generation X and Generation Y

Generation O: recently coined term, short for generation Obama

SWOT Analysis:   A clever acronym that conveys part of the analysis of a company's or product's competitive situation, its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

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